September 01, 2020

Havtech Enters a Strategic Alliance With Air Conditioning Equipment Sales (ACES)

COLUMBIA, MD | Havtech is pleased to announce a strategic alliance with Air Conditioning Equipment Sales (ACES). ACES, founded in 1971 and headquartered in Richmond, VA, has gained industry recognition as a highly respected Manufacturers’ Representative and Building Automation Solutions Provider in the Central Virginia, Tidewater, and Roanoke markets.

Havtech and ACES each represent many innovative HVAC Equipment, Building Automation, Controls, and Air Distribution manufacturers in the industry. “In additional to the similar lines of business, Havtech, ACES shares similar core company values. This strategic alliance will further improve each company’s ability to deliver exceptional service for all customers through our commitment to expertise and innovative solutions,” said Joe Roetering, President at Havtech.

As representatives of Daikin, the world’s number one air conditioning company, Havtech and ACES bring over 70 combined years of expertise to the region. Daikin Applied Americas’ CEO Mike Schwartz commended both parties on their success: “We’ve been proud to team with ACES since 1971, and we’re confident this new relationship with Havtech will make ACES an even more formidable contender in their region.”

Havtech plans to keep ACES structurally separate and allow them to maintain their own identities and organizations. Havtech will retain the current management teams of both entities and give them the same autonomy they have enjoyed under this new arrangement. Over an extended period of time, Havtech and the two entities will identify synergies and share best practices in select areas that will bring additional value for our customers; however, the intention is not to disrupt the success of either business. Havtech was established in 1983 as a manufacturers’ representative serving commercial and industrial markets. Today, Havtech leads engineered building systems and services throughout the greater Baltimore and Washington DC area.

They bring expertise and innovation together to deliver energy efficient and sustainable solutions tailored to each customer’s specific needs. In addition, Havtech recently added Thermaltech to serve the Western Pennsylvania market. Not unlike other industries, the HVAC industry continues to change, and Havtech has changed along with it; investing in smart and innovative technologies to help customers become more efficient, productive and profitable.