April 01, 2021

Air Conditioning Equipment Sales (ACES) Expands Daikin Applied Equipment & Parts Representation

COLUMBIA, MD | We are pleased to announce that Air Conditioning Equipment Sales (ACES), a member of the Havtech Group, is expanding its Daikin Applied equipment and parts representation to the Chesapeake and Roanoke regions on April 1, 2021. The decision by Daikin Applied to expand our representation demonstrates the credibility and trust that we have collectively earned over many years of being a Daikin Applied partner.

While the expansion of representation of Daikin Applied in these regions is new, ACES is an industry mainstay. It has served customers in Virginia for almost 50 years with support from the region’s top technical talent. Expertise coupled with a commitment to delivering exceptional service for our customers is what Daikin Applied and many other partners know they can count on from all of us.

“We are proud to grow our relationship with Daikin Applied,” said Joe Roetering, President at Havtech. “This expanded representation is a natural fit to leverage both ACES’ and Havtech’s resources. We’ll augment our capabilities and decades of know-how with a high performing team of sales engineers and specialists to provide exceptional care for customers across Virginia.”

A continued focus on expertise delivering innovative solutions and exceptional service for our clients will ensure success in all markets we cover for Daikin Applied. We have added several new associates with significant industry experience and market specific relationships to the ACES Roanoke and Chesapeake locations, again raising the bar as it relates to providing expertise and great experiences for our clients. Our clients in the eastern and western markets of Virginia will now have a trusted advisor focused on Daikin Applied, to help guide them throughout the entire lifecycle of their commercial HVAC systems.

About Air Conditioning Equipment Sales, LLC

Air Conditioning Equipment Sales (ACES) is dedicated to the Richmond, Roanoke and Tidewater Virginia markets and backed by the Havtech Group. ACES represents the most innovative HVAC equipment and building automation system manufacturers serving both the commercial and industrial markets, delivering the most effective solutions throughout the entire life cycle of commercial HVAC Systems. Team members have significant expertise and experience in energy efficient HVAC system design and green building methods, to effectively offer solutions that provide the most environmental impact at the highest return on investment to its customers.

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